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Information Architecture

Page history last edited by cosinezero 8 years, 8 months ago Saved with comment


This site has a lot of data just scattered about. The following hierarchy can resolve the shotgun approach to data.


Each at the top level should be a separate page. Sub-topics can be promoted to a page if there is sufficiently large information to be had.


  • Home 
  • Objectives and Requirements
    1. Objectives
    2. Requirements
      1. Power 
        1. Clean off-grid power
      2. Flexibility 
        1. Delivery and conversion to multiple outputs/interfaces 
        2. Adaptable
      3. Reliability
      4. Safety 
  • Generation
    1. Generators
      1. DC Brushless
      2. Alternators 
    2. Human Input
      1. Bicycle-Driven (ie, bike-on-stand approaches)
        1. Frames & Modifications
        2. Stands
      2. Pedal-direct (ie, hacked parts to stationary
        1. Coupling to motor (ie, belt? Chain?  
    3. Wind Supplemented
    4. Solar Aided 
  • Consumption 
    1. Rectification 
      1. Bridge 
    2. Regulation
      1. Linear
      2. Stepped 
    3. Storage
      1. Battery
        1. Batteries
        2. Charge Controller
      2. Device (ie, cells, laptops)
        1. Regulation needs
        2. Interfaces 
          1. 5v & USB
          2. 12v & Cigarrete Lighter
          3. AC Inverters
  • Safety & Loss Prevention
    1. Safety & Damage Liabilities
      1. Hazards to Humans
        1. Mechanical (Sharp edges, moving parts, etc)
        2. Electrical (shock, explosion, fire, etc) 
      2. Impacts to local environment
        1. Footprint
        2. Sound / Noise
    2. Loss Management
      1. Breakage 
        1. Critical points of failure 
        2. Transportation or Relocation 
      2. Theft
        1. Key components to protect 
      3. Catastrophic (Site destruction)
        1. Temporary Relocation 
          1. Evacuation Teardown Plan 
        2. Off-site caches 
  • Management & Promotion 
    1. So now your group has power...  how do you manage & promote it?
      1. Ownership in organizations that deny ownership concepts
      2. Sharing with other organizations / sites
        1. Transportation concerns  
  • Design Library
    1. Choosing your designs 
    2. Coupling (pedal-to-generator)
      1. Tire to Flywheel / Axle
      2. Belt driven (belt around rim or tire)
      3. Chain driven (chain from cassette to sproket on generator)
    3. Electrical
      1. Rectification
      2. Charge Controller
      3. Inverters 
    4. Stands
      1. No-Weld 
  • Contact Us
    1. Submit Errata
    2. Suggest Info




    Comments (8)

    mikrosopht said

    at 8:26 pm on Nov 22, 2011

    you are amazing! i was planning to do this myself. if anything i could break this out in to pages after everyone sees this - i know folks are on board for reformatting - and this will help us show them where they can plug in. thank you.

    cosinezero said

    at 10:03 pm on Nov 22, 2011

    No problem. This is actually some of what I do for a living anyways.

    Where can I post suggestions for general thoughts? For instance, I think we should sanitize the site of any specific references to the occupy protests - if we keep this protest/organization-agnostic, it might help us keep this info safe from any sorts of anti-occupy movements on the 'net.

    Noah Vawter said

    at 11:42 pm on Nov 22, 2011

    Please do not sanitize the site of any specific references to the occupy protests. This design exists because of the protests. It supplies a need which market forces do not supply.

    mikrosopht said

    at 11:50 pm on Nov 22, 2011

    what we could do is create a branch off this trunk and give That more universal specific diy power language, for now we can sort this material so it provides both a more elegant foundation for this boston specific occupy project journal and a more universal non-historical power guide of the [hopefully near] future.

    cosinezero said

    at 1:50 am on Nov 23, 2011

    I simply think this information has more power if we approach this as an "alternative needs power" site; rather than an "occupy boston specific power concern" site.

    I worry that being specific to occupy might get our information specifically spotlighted by people who would want to censor us (SOPA?) - but also that we might limit our audience unnecessarily as well. Making our information more generic doesn't harm the efficacy, assuming our stated goals are clear - power for extreme circumstances. This could readily apply to natural disaster as much as protest, or even foreign invasion, hell, even post-apocalypse. :)

    Finally, I would state clearly that these designs do not exist because of the protest - that is false. I was doing this research long before occupy; the models described here are distinctly not designed from the occupation (in fact many are based on long-standing designs found on the internet), and I know personally the people responsible for some of the initial generation on site at dewey, and their designs were originally burning man projects - as is my work. To claim this as a result of the occupation is undermining the efforts of those who've studied sustainable power long before there were tents in the streets; there are needs for power outside of political action, and we can increase our audience - and our contributors - by becoming cause-agnostic.

    Think about it. I won't remove anything without the group's blessing, but I would suggest we not narrow our focus.

    mikrosopht said

    at 9:58 am on Nov 23, 2011

    i'll leave the direction of this wiki to noah, but there's no reason why a fork can't plug/pull from this as an asset to reach that guide which provides a universal foundation for self power.

    one way to keep us from getting tons of merging conflicts/in the short term would be to at least have the boston-specific parts of this wiki before or after the more generally applied science. by doing this we can continue to develop our wiki(s) regardless of presentation style/overall content.

    thank you cosine for contributing your thoughts and energy, and noah & amos for your work as well. i want to keep searching for key folks who stand out in this area, it's a rare convergence, it's powerful :) but we need to decide if This wiki is that place. i'm fine with whatever direction(s) as long as we keep moving forward(s)!

    mikrosopht said

    at 10:47 am on Nov 23, 2011

    coincidentally came up at work, applies nicely here - http://altdevblogaday.com/2011/11/22/parallel-implementations/

    Noah Vawter said

    at 2:35 am on Nov 26, 2011

    Please see http://pedalpower2thepeople.pbworks.com/w/page/47830717/FrontPage#SimpleMetalStandstoHoldBicyclesWhilePedaling

    These designs did NOT exist before the occupation. They were made specifically for it.

    You don't have permission to comment on this page.